We carry out orders for permanent large-format overprints for diverse uses.

We will provide you with durable overprint made on latex printers.

Our large-format overprints will serve as very good out- and indoor advertising tools such as:

  • foils,
  • fabrics and wallpapers,
  • paper,
  • advertising nets,
  • PP, PE, PET, PVC, PMMA, HDPE media and others.

Our overprints are fully hardened and dried inside the machine making them ready to be finished and delivered to you right away.

Druk na drukarkach lateksowych - Druk wielkoformatowy
Druk wielkoformatowy - Druk na drukarkach lateksowych

We guarantee quick completion and timely delivery.

Our overprints are odor-free and environment-friendly which makes them perfect for indoor advertising e.g. photograph wallpapers or reproductions of paintings – using a canvas or printing fabric.

We guarantee high printing speed and coherent and uniform image quality:

  • 17 m2/h. for indoor printing,
  • 31 m2/h. For high-speed outdoor printing,
  • 91 m2/ h. For maximum printing speed.

Laminated overprints have up to 5-year durability. Non-laminated ones – up to 3 years.

Large-format printing – always with the highest quality

Resolution – 1200 dpi

Printing width – 162cm

Odor-free and environment-friendly


We guarantee quick completion and timely delivery.